Get your hands dirty and create something beautiful together!

Plant Bar provides a hand crafted planting bar for any occasion: girls night, corporate events, holiday parties, couples night, kids get-togethers, birthday parties and baby/bridal showers.

Plant Bar parties include:

  • All ingredients: plants (succulents, houseplants, herbs) soil, rocks, moss and decor
  • Choice of vessel: cement and wood containers, terrariums and unique upcycled containers
  • Information on plants, care instructions and design guidance
  • Party time: 1-2 hours
  • Minimum 8 people per workshop
  • Plant Bar is mobile and available to host at your home or venue of choice

Kids Events (tiny terrarium $10 includes jar, soil, sand, decorative item/toy, rock and moss) A jar for each child, variety of sand colors for base, stones, moss (and plant if that was selected), soil, and a variety of decorations such as but not limited too: plastic animals, sea shells, sea glass, colored pebbles, rocks with stamped messages or pictures, flower and butterfly sequins.

Contact us at to book your event or for more information

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